From the Assistant Principal's Office.......

  •  Greetings from the Assistant Principal,


    Williamson Middle School is going paperless!  At this time, the Williamson Middle School is progressing towards paperless communication.  Families will no longer receive paper copies of report cards in the mail.  It is still imperative to monitor your child’s progress.  Parents can access their student’s report card information by creating a Schooltool account.  Parents can sign up for a Schooltool account in the District Office.   Report cards provide parents with summative information.  To access formative day by day information, parents can create a Schoology account.  Contact the Middle School guidance office, and they will provide directions for Schoology. 

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email or call at (315) 589-9665.


    Kathryn Taylor
    Middle School Assistant Principal