Principal's Office

  • Message from Our Principal, Mr. John E. Fulmer

    Dear Parents,

    The warm weather is finally upon us and along with that a number of things change with our students. The skateboards and bicycles have come back out. Also, an increased number of students are walking to and from school.

    The school district presently allows bicycles and skateboards to be ridden to and from school but ask that students adhere to certain safety standards. Students under 14 years old need to wear helmets at all times and all students need to stay off the steps and the loading dock. The steps are a particular concern, not only for how dangerous they are to ride down, but the concrete and marble can wear down. We are also asking that skateboarders stay out of the road as well for safety reasons.

    Being in the center of town we realize the Middle School building is an accessible and safe place to be with friends. At times there are large groups of students around the building, after hours, waiting for rides or hanging out with friends. We want to remind parents and students that the end of the school day at the Middle School is 2:55 pm and we ask that informal activities on school grounds take place after that time. As parents, please be aware that we cannot directly supervise these groups after hours and ask that you check in with your child.

    Please remind your children to stay focused on their schoolwork through the end of the academic year.

    We sincerely want our school to be a place where the youth in the community want to be. With your support we will assure that it will always be safe and enjoyable.



    John E. Fulmer, Principal
    Williamson Middle School