Principal's Office

  • Message from Our Principal, Mr. John E. Fulmer


    Dear Parents:

    Throughout the school year, we assess our students not only with content knowledge, but organizational skills, group work and note taking ability.  Teachers give students feedback that encourages deeper thinking, thus creating and maintaining relationships that lead to interactive and responsive instruction.

    To bring the focus toward learning for understanding, informal assessments are a critical part of the instructional process.  These formative assessments focus on learning to understand and application of knowledge.  Gathering information on student understanding, analyzing that information, then using it to guide instruction is an effective teaching practice.  The assessment process allows us to greater understand the unique learning abilities of our students and tailor instruction to meet their needs.

    Williamson also administers formal summative assessments that are used as benchmarks for students’ success.  These assessments inform us how we can vary our instruction and/or provide additional services for our students.

    The Middle School assesses all students through the i-Ready diagnostic assessment.  This Reading and Math assessment is given to students three times per year, in September, January and May each year (we are very proud of our growth so far this year).  This technology based assessment allows us to identify specific academic strengths and concerns for each student.

    This year, the NYS ELA assessments will be administered March 24th and 25th for all students.  The NYS Math assessment will be administered April 22nd and 23rd  for all Middle School students.  These assessments will be computer based for grades 3-8 again this year.  We are proud of the effort students put into their formal assessments and appreciate family’s encouragement and support in preparing their children for doing their best.

    There are two days of testing for each ELA and Math.  There will be a decreased number of passages, along with fewer questions; the assessment will not be timed; and the results will not be connected to teacher evaluations.

    Most students do not look forward to quizzes, tests or exams, but assessment tools are a significant part of how we accurately assess student understanding, better preparing them for the challenges ahead.   Thank you for your continued support.


    John  E. Fulmer, Principal
    Williamson Middle School