Create a Soundtrack CD

  • Imagine that you have signed a deal with a big recording company to create a soundtrack for the book you've read.  Brainstorm ideas for a CD album cover that will show a memorable image and a back cover that lists the song titles.  The whole CD must work together to communicate the key themes, moods, and characters of the book you have read.

    General Directions:
    • Be sure that your CD booklet is neatly cut and assembled to fit in the CD jewel case.
    • Design the booklet to include the following:
      • a front cover with the title of the book, the author, and a colorful illustration that shows the main focus of the story.  Your name and period should also appear on the front cover.  The layout of the cover needs to be original.  Please do not scan the book cover for your CD cover.
      • a back cover that lists four to seven song titles and the artist's name whose work you feel match the major themes and moods of the story, plot, setting, and characters.  See further details about your song selections under the "Help with Songs" section.
      • interior pages will explain why you chose each song and how it relates to the theme, mood, plot, setting, or characters of the book you read.  You must use text details to support your explanations or no credit will be earned.
    • This option requires that you burn a CD of the music you select.  The final product should be able to be played on a CD player.
    • Assemble the booklet and CD into a jewel case.
    Help with Songs:

    You may use any music you choose as long as it is appropriate for school.  It helps to pay attention to the kinds of music used in the background of movies before you begin to make your selections.  Realize that if you choose songs that have lyrics, the lyrics must fit the theme, mood, plot, setting, or character of your story.

    Please do not select a song for some simplistic word use.  For example, please do not select "Let It Snow" as a song for Frozen and explain that it snows in that story.  I expect you to be thinking on a much deeper level.

    Who should pick this project:

    The student who picks this project:
    • truly connects with the mood and emotions of the story.
    • enjoys music on many levels: pays attention to the lyrics for message, has a good ear for picking up mood and emotion from the music.
    • often hears music in the background when reading.  No, not from the phone, stereo, or iPod. Rather, you imagine the reading as a movie and think of what musical score would support the mood, images, or story line.