Design a Facebook Page

  • Imagine that you are the main character(s) of the book and you have created a Facebook page.  Brainstorm ideas for what you might put on your page.  Consider what updates you might add to your timeline as well as comments others might make.  Also think about what you might include in your profile, who might be on your friends list, likes, photos, and other features you might include.  The whole page must work together to communicate the key events, characters, and lessons from the point of view of the main character from the book you have read.

    General Directions:

    • Be sure that your Facebook page is neatly created and assembled.  Design your page to include the following:
      • a front page with a timeline revealing the character, mood, and events for the main character in your book.  Include a colorful illustration to support your page.  If you use a digital format, feel free to include songs or videos that your character might have included.  Somewhere on the page, you should include the title of the book, the author, and your name.
      • Throughout the page, you will include seven to ten insightful comments on the timeline that reveal the thoughts and feelings of the main character in the book.  Entries on the timeline might include comments from other characters in the book as well.  See further details about your timeline under the "Help with Your Facebook Page" section.
    • The layout of the Facebook page needs to look authentic.
    • This option is suggested that you use a Facebook template for your creation.  
    • Final products must be typed or very neatly crafted.
    Help with Your Facebook Page:

    In order to be successful with this project, you need to really understand the main character both inside and out.  Think about the character's response to events that happen in the book.  You will want to write from the character's point of view.  Comments made by other characters on the Facebook page will be from that character's point of view.  

    You must also be able to support the "likes" and any music or videos you share on your Facebook page.

    Remember, all elements of your Facebook page must be supported by evidence from the text. 

    Who Should Pick This Project:

    The student who picks this project:
    • truly enjoys "living" with the main character of a book.
    • enjoys wondering about how the character thinks and feels.
    • often thinks about what he/she would do in that character's place.