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    PAWS2listen (P2l) began in the spring of 2015 when a select group of students was introduced to the behind-the-scene production of a digital radio program through a workshop presented byAdvisory Board discusses media responsibilities.  Young Audiences of Rochester and Dr. Robin Blair, founder and director of Common Good Radio.  These twelve students took on the responsibilities of typical roles including producer, DJ, journalists, researchers, and storytellers.  They researched. wrote, performed, and produced radio programs about courage and perseverance which aired on Common Good Radio.  

    From this initial enrichment activity, student interest for the creation of a Williamson Middle School radio station took flight.  This group's  vision was to create a station that would mirror our school culture through programming and popular music.  Students began to investigate musical selections and recognized that they needed to establish some ground rules to assure that the station mirrored our school climate.  They chose to use our PAWS [Personal Responsibility, Attitude, Work Ethic, Social Responsibility] character-building program as the measure of what would be aired on the station.  With this, the name PAWS2listen was born.

    Students presented a vision statement to faculty advisers Mrs. Abdunnasir and Ms. Ludwig who, in turn, presented the innovative idea to school administrators and the Board of Education in theAdvisory Board brainstorms program ideas.  fall of 2015.  Recognizing the potential for students to write and speak to an authentic audience, our forward-thinking leaders supported the project.  

    The student body was surveyed for musical selections, which were then tested by student editors to assure the lyrics were in keeping with the overall message of our station.  Students began recording shout outs, promos, and short programs.  The club secured space on Radionomy, a free digital radio platform host.  By the end of the first year of broadcasting, PAWS2listen radio was heard in all fifty states and over eighty countries.  

    At the end of that year, the club had created a P2l Advisory Board (P2l AB) made up of representatives from each grade level.  This advisory group met this summer during a week-long work camp to create the calendar for the next year.  The board has decided to broaden itsAdvisory Board sets programming calendar.  musical base in an effort to encourage their listening audience to try music they might not otherwise hear.  They also propose to create programming that caters to each grade level at specific times every evening and to create special programming on weekend mornings to embrace our elementary-school listeners.  We are very excited by their launch of "The Jelly Jar" a new program that looks at current events through the lens of a specific character trait.   

    As the 2016 academic year gets under way, PAWS2listen is sponsoring a fundraiser that will help the station secure new music.  Stay tuned as we begin to grow.  Students can learn how to become a part of the PAWS2listen team by clicking on Join Us.  Educators interested in learning how to set up a radio club in your learning community can contact us at PAWS2listen@williamsoncentral.org.