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    Stay connected with PAWS2listen with one of the apps below.  

    Important Notes:
    1. Williamson Middle School does not provide tech support for the apps provided by Radionomy.  
    2. Apps are downloaded from Radionomy or third-party sites.  Williamson Middle School assumes no responsibility for downloaded apps.
    3. Be sure you seek parental permission before downloading any app to your smart phone or other device.
    4. We recommend that you access PAWS2listen only in areas you can connect to wifi.  Listening through your data plan could be very expensive.
    5. PAWS2listen is not available through wifi during the school day.
    6. Be aware that PAWS2listen must be accessed directly through Radionomy when connected through an app.  Please mark PAWS2listen as a favorite for ease of access in the future.