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                   Fourth Grade

  English Language Arts 
Comprehension and Main Idea
Sentence Structure & Sequencing



Parts of Speech

Using Reference Sources






Iroquois Nation 

Ganondagon Longhouse

Mohawk Village

Eastern Woodland Indians


Government of the Iroquois









4 Great Ideas of the Iroquois 



Search these sites to help you find information about Colonial Times



  Noah Webster was born in 1758 and was the author of the first American dictionary.  On this site you will see toys like Noah played with as a child.  Most were fashioned from scraps found around home.


 Colonial Family Life

Learn about colonial life by visiting the everyday life of the Daggets, an actual family from northeastern Connecticut.  You will see what family life was like, work shared by neighbors, and transportation.


Colonial Williamsburg

  Here you can meet some people who lived in Williamsburg, a tradesman, and influential family, and African Americans.  You will also learn about life in the community while seeing recipes, animals, gardens and tools.


Thinkquest Colonial Life 

  Explore colonial life through the eyes of children in colonial southern Pennsylvania.  BE SURE TO CLICK THE VIEW THE SITE BUTTON!


 Paul Revere House

  Find articles, activities and puzzles from the website for the home of Paul Revere, a famous American patriot and silversmith.


Children in Colonial America 

 This site is a webquest on which you can find information about the lives of colonial children.  Such things as games, clothing, education, tasks and more are presented.


Cybersleuth Colonial Period 

  Some of the links provided on this site take you to Colonial clothing, family life, religion, and trades and tools.