Behavior Management

  • Mrs. Guilfoil’s UPK Class


    Today we discussed appropriate behavior at school and TOGETHER we came up with a set of class rules!


             1. Be a good whole body listener and follow directions.

                   (eyes looking, ears listening, mouth closed, hands and feet still)

            2.  Be good friends.

                (help each other, share, take turns, be kind, work together, etc.)

            3. Be safe.

            4. Raise your hand to speak.

            5. Use good manners.


    The boys and girls are doing a great job so far with learning and following our class rules.  We also give many reminders especially at the beginning of the year.



    Each child who is on the track at the end (bumblebee in the green zone) of the day gets a sticker on his behavior chart located in his/her folder.  Please keep the chart in the folder!  When all the boxes on the chart have a sticker your child will be able to get a prize from my prize box. 

    Please take some time to discuss our class rules with your child at home.  I will really appreciate the follow-up!  The boys and girls are very excited about earning their stickers!



    Mrs. Guilfoil