Birthday Policy

  • Birthday Celebrations
    at Williamson Elementary

    We have adopted a 'no birthday food as treats' policy in our school.  This stems from an increased focus on overall health and wellness, and concern for our many students with food allergies.

    Student birthdays will still be acknowledged within our classroom, but we are implementing a new style of celebrating with one another with a variety of activities.

    Possible ways we encourage you to celebrate with are, but not limited to:

        ~ visiting your child's class to share a short story
        ~ donating a book to the classroom library in your child's honor
        ~ donating stickers, pencils, bookmarks, erasers, for each student
        ~ visiting to eat snack with your child
        ~ donating a puzzle or game to your child's classroom

    Specific arrangements or ideas can be discussed with your child's classroom teacher.

    Please note that food treats for Holiday celebrations will still be accepted.  Your classroom teacher will keep you informed of specific requests throughout the school year.

    Thank You for your support!