My Homework

  • UPK Homework

    Although we do not have traditional homework assignments in UPK, it is still important for you to work with your child daily.  This will get you and your child into a good habit of working together on their learning.

    Some "homework" ideas include:

    • Breakthrough to Literacy - every Friday, we send home the Breakthrough to Literacy Home connections page, a poetry page, and the Take-Me-Home book for our Book of the Week. Please use these resources as a valuable way to enhance and enrich your child's learning.  Feel free to write on the Home Connections page and send it back to school; I would love to see what you are doing at home!  I will give your child a "smile and a star" and return it to you!
    • READING! Read to your child for at least 15 minutes every day.  Read picture books, chapter books, poems, recipes, magazines, anything!
    • Writing - Help your child write his/her first name.  Help them write the alphabet, uppercase and lowercase.  Your child will enjoy writing lists and letters to friends as well!
    • Math - Your child can help you count silverware and napkins when setting the table.  He/she can sort a group of toys by color, shape and size.  Work on simple addition and subtraction problems using small toys as manipulatives.