The College Process - An Overview

  • The college process has many steps and is not always linear. Students may progress through the process differently.  Regardless, we are here to help.       ** Some activities may be virtual or may not be offered this year due to COVID-19. **  

    The college process includes the following but is not limited to these:

    • Take appropriately challenging classes throughout high school
    • Take the PSAT (a practice SAT exam) and the pre-ACT
    • Create and modify your college list
    • Visit college campuses
    • Meet with college reps when they come to WHS or WTCC, ask questions.
    • Participate in WHS career and college field trips
    • Take advantage of career/self-exploration activities through Ms. O’Hara, Career & Pathways Counselor
    • Attend WHS’s Junior Parent night in the spring of your junior year
    • Take the SAT/ACT
    • Think about who will write your letters of recommendation.  Generally, students secure 2 letters of recommendation for college or scholarships.

    Check out the links and documents below for more information

College Resources