SAT/ACT Information

  •  SAT and ACT

    **Many colleges may waive the SAT or ACT test for admission in the 2021-2022 school year due to COVID-19.**

    Many four year colleges will consider an application incomplete without an SAT or ACT test.  Some selective colleges, in addition, require or recommend the SAT Subject Tests.  Students need to be aware what testing is required at the college(s) he/she is applying to.

    Some SAT or ACT scores are also used for scholarship purposes.

    Many colleges will super score - take the highest scores when evaluating your application.

    Free test prep is available at the websites below.

    Students are encouraged to take both the PSAT and the pre-ACT for practice in their sophomore and junior years.

    Fee waivers are available if eligible.

    As a general rule, students are encouraged to take both the ACT and SAT in the spring of their junior year.  Students often retake the SAT or the ACT in the fall of their senior year.

    A copy of the ACT/SAT test schedule is below.

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