Grading Committee - Updates and Documents

  • The Williamson Central School District Grading Committee is hard at work.  Please feel free to send any feedback, comments or suggestions to committee members:

    Grading Practices Committee Members:

    Christi Byron, Janice Raspudic, Diane Luke, Kelly Colling, Rachel Liberatore, Nina Caraveo, Lydia Wyble, Ann Dewhirst, Carl Comstock, Alan Moore, Michelle Kuhl, Karla Bailey, John Fulmer, Kathryn Flynn, Bridget Byers, Caroline Jackson, Robert Wendler, Kate Wieser, Jamie Sonneville, Angela DeFisher, Grace Caternolo, Ellen Saxby, Kate Avery, Hilary Chaya, Karen Hoody, Kate Taylor


    Click on the links provided to see the committee meeting agendas and summary of our grading practices survey.

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