Book Bucks Overview

  • Book Bucks is a program that is open to all 5th through 8th graders. For every 100 pages, a student reads they will receive 1 Book Buck. They can then use those Book Bucks to exchange for things from your library store. 

    • Tally your reading starting with things you have read after January 1st
    • All reading counts - you can read anything (kindle, magazine, graphic novel, novel, nonfiction, fiction) for any reason (assignment or pleasure)
    • You must complete a Book Buck Form either online or in the library.
    • You must use full sentences when completing the forms.

  • You can check your book buck bank account here. Click the link below and look for your username. Keep your username secret. Please allow several days for updated account numbers after submitting a form. 

    Book Buck Bank

  • Check this document if you would like to know how much you have to save up to get an item: 

    Book Bucks Price Sheet