• ELA                                       ELA Curriculum


    Reading: Students in 5th grade will experience a balance of literature and informational texts in the context of instruction designed to create opportunities for children to engage with a variety of topics and texts, and have discussions about texts that support language development and knowledge building.


    Writing: Students in 5th grade will develop their writing skills, and will use a variety of strategies to plan, revise, and strengthen their writing as they work independently and collaboratively with adults and peers to produce texts, and to learn about and develop oral language-written language and reading-writing connections. Students will write for multiple purposes (to entertain, to explain, to persuade) and learn about various tools (print and digital) to produce, share, and publish writing. In all writing tasks, students will learn to use and to adjust language to best communicate ideas, content, and the message to the readers.



    Becoming a Close Reader and Writing to Learn

    Researching to Build Knowledge and Teaching Others

    Considering Perspectives and Supporting Opinions

    Gathering Evidence and Speaking to Others



    Stories of Human Rights

    Biodiversity in Rainforests of the Western Hemisphere

    Sports and Athletes’ Impact on Culture

    Women's Rights in the US