Teaching is the Core

  • Update - October 2015:  We continue to look for more ways to utilize performance based assessments and projects based learning as major forms of assessment.  We acknowledge that all forms of assessment can provide valuable data to inform instruction, but that a greater continuum of life skills are incorporated in non-traditional (paper/pencil) assessment types. All teachers have been trained in the utilization of eDoctrina - an on line assessment tool.  Teacher leaders will offer professional learning opportunities around eDoctrina and performance based assessment throughout the 2015-16 school year.

    Update:  During the course of April and May the district offered an Assessment Design Institute led by teachers on the Teaching is the Core Committee.  26 teachers participated in the institute. These teachers worked together to design performance based assessments for many different content areas and grade levels.  We will continue our focus on providing a balanced assessment experience for all of our students.    Over the next several months, a team of teachers and administrators from Williamson Central School Districts will collaborate to review, evaluate and modify or create dozens of assessments now used in our district.
    Using funding from the “Teaching Is The Core” grant from the New York State Education Department, we will look at assessments currently being used in almost every content area and at every grade level to evaluate their usefulness in the classroom. We will participate in extensive professional development provided by Learner Center Initiatives which will help teachers and administrators determine each assessment’s value based on authenticity, alignment with Common Core Standards, and relationship to other assessments in each district’s overall plan. 

    The purpose of this project is threefold: 1.) to reduce the number of redundant or irrelevant assessments; 2.) modify existing assessments to increase effectiveness; 3.) Create new assessments where gaps exist, The results of this year-long effort will be posted on our website and shared with other districts statewide.

    Click the link below for our action plan.

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