•  Williamson Central School District

    Transportation Department



    Mr. Chuck O'Neil, Transportation Director

    Mrs. Barbara B. Bush, Transportation Secretary

    4388 Ridge Road

    PO Box 900

    Williamson, NY  14589

    Phone - (315) 589-6901

    Fax - (315) 589-8316



    Our Philosophy


    Our primary responsibility is the safety and well being of each student that rides a Williamson Central School District school bus.  We are regulated by the NYS Education Department, the NYS Department of Transportation and the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles.  Our transportation staff (from the Supervisor, to the secretary, drivers, monitors and mechanics) are professional people who value the children that they transport.  The Williamson Central School Transportation Department takes pride in its safety record and its D.O.T. ratings.



    ***Effective Immediately***


    In our ongoing effort to keep our students safe, we are making modifications to our Bus Pass system effective IMMEDIATELY. All bus passes will now be accepted through these two email addresses only; for Elementary Students:......  For Middle School Students:  The Transportation office will no longer be taking bus passes. We are moving to a central point in order to insure all students have safe transportation to and from school. Just as a reminder, this DOES NOT replace your Annual Transportation Application. If you need to make a permanent change to your child's transportation, please complete a new form and send it by email or with your child to school. Please note, we CAN NOT take any changes over the phone. 


    Thank You....



    Mr. Chuck O'Neil. Transportation Supervisor



    ***Transportation Forms***


    The annual transportation forms have been updated below. As a reminder non-public transportation forms are due by April 1, 2019; for the 2019-2020 school year.   



    Advisory: Stop for Flashing Red Lights


    Each day, an estimated 50,000 drivers pass school buses that are stopped and have their red lights flashing in the State of New York. 

    Not only is passing a school bus against the law, it's extremely dangerous and could result in a child being struck. 

    A ticket for passing a stopped school bus could lead to five points on your license and also a $250 fine. 

    Please help us protect our children. DO NOT pass a stopped school bus. 






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