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    District plans 1:1 use 
    As we strive toward more college and career readiness, students this year, 2017-18, will all have access to technology from UPK to 12th grade. Students in UPK- 2nd grade will have access to iPad carts in their grade levels; students 3rd-6th grade will have access to Chromebooks that will remain in school, while students in 7th-12th grade will have access to Chromebooks that they can use in school and at home. This will enable them to fully utilize the G-Suite Apps being used by our teachers in all buildings (Googe Docs, Slides, Drive, Classroom, etc.).  Other digital content recently purchased by the district for staff and student use is; Peardeck, Discovery Learning, IXL, Classlink, etc. These products are meant to enhance the learning experience and allow students to explore topcis of interest at a variety of levels. 
    This initiative will help build the capacity for collaboration, organization, digital literacy, and make learning and course content accessible anywhere and at any grade level.  High schools, colleges, and business across the country are using Google Apps and we can make these tools available to students everywhere they go.  
    Williamson is now using Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and Chromebooks!
    Play video below to see how Google Classroom works...

    Williamson Central School's Technology Plan:

    "To the extent, technology can assist in the learning process, we embrace it.  Sometimes it is the object of our study, particularly as our young people near the completion of their formal K-12 education.  Children today will face a lifetime filled with technology.  We need to teach them to be comfortable with it as a tool to be used when needed, a threat to be aware of when unnecessary or distracting to a mission and most importantly, to know the difference.  Within the learning process, it should often be transparent, but always be used purposefully..."

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