• This is an exciting time for you and your child.  As you transition to high school, there are people here to help along the way.  We are here for any of your questions, worries, and needs.  


    Dr. Kate Avery, Principal 

    Miss Hilary Chaya, Assistant Principal.  Miss Chaya works specifically with freshmen to help them transition and oversees community service.

    Anne Governor, Karen Hoody, class advisers.  (class events, fundraising)

    Ms. Sally Schillaci, counselor for names A-J  (academic planning and social-emotional support)

    Mr. Steve Parshall, counselor for names K-Z  (academic planning and social-emotional support)

    Mrs. Leigh Prescott, School Psychologist.   (specific social-emotional support)


    Here are some useful files:

    Freshmen newsletter

    Course Description Guide

    Here is the student handbook.  It has useful information for you and your child.  We want to note a few elements of the transition to High School that may be new for you:

    It is important to note that as your child grows, the expectations for them grow as well.  We have a responsibility to both challenge your child and also support them in achieving success.  High school courses are a full-year commitment, and it is imperative that students earn credits toward the 22 needed for graduation.  Every student is required to maintain at least 5.5 credits each year and no more than 2 study halls daily.  Students who fail to earn five credits each year will be retained in their present grade level.  This also helps students be on track for space in their schedule for attending Wayne Technical and Career Center in their junior year and enrolling in dual credit courses.  

    Drops during the school year will not be permitted outside of the Drop Process.  Any potential course change must be discussed by the student, parents, counselor and teachers involved.  A course change form must be completed and accepted in the Counseling Office before a course change is finalized.  Any potential course changes after the deadline will only be considered under extenuating circumstances, and with prior approval of administration.  Communication with students, parents/guardians, teachers, counselors and administrators must take place.  These are extremely rare and only permitted when students have exhausted their efforts to be successful in a course.

    In order to be academically eligible, students may not be failing more than 1 class at any five week period.  This impacts privileges, trips and events, and participation in clubs and athletics.  

    Attendance is crucial and will impact participation in school events.  Please try to schedule appointments where possible outside of the school day or during breaks.  Student athletes in particular must be in homeroom/forum on time to be able to participate that day.   

    The class will begin fundraising for class events like prom and the senior trip.  Some of these fundraisers will be for general class events like prom, and others will allocate funds for students who participate in them, like the senior trip.  These funds do not belong to the student, but are allocated by the class for the purposes of participating in the event.  Advisers will communicate these ahead of time.  

    High School students may attend summer school in order to retake courses if offered.  In order to participate in summer school, students must have an overall grade of 55 or above, or have teacher approval or have extenuating circumstances and are granted permission by administration.  Otherwise, they will need to repeat the course the next school year.  Summer school for high school is regional, and will take place at Sodus HS next year.  This is a six week program, so attendance is non-negotiable.  Summer School will not permit more than three absences before you are dropped from summer school.  Please make note of this and plan vacations and trips accordingly if you anticipate summer school as a need.