Class of 2022
  • There are many important events for your child this year, as well as essential deadlines!  We hope this page provides useful information for you and your senior.  Stay tuned for more...

    Diploma Name information- please complete this form by October 1.

    Graduation Information

    Pretty much all of you should be completing your student profile for Dollars for Scholars. They offer scholarships for seniors who:

    Will attend college
    Will attend a vocational training program
    Will join the military
    DFS does a great job with spreading out the wealth, meaning the scholarships are given to a lot of students and NOT just students with the highest GPA.
    Here is the DFS link:
    The profile takes about 2 study hall periods to complete. You should have your profile completed by December 1, 2021 because that's when the matching begins.  Here is helpful information for that.  

    If you are applying to colleges this summer using the Common App, please go to our website to learn how to integrate Common App with Xello.  You must do this in order to request teacher letters of recommendation and counselor recommendation. WHS Counseling Website - Integrating Xello with Common App  If you are using the SUNY Application, please ask recommenders to email me the letter of recommendation and I upload them into SUNY App.  Please look at the WHS Counseling Website and email me if you have questions.

     Here is also a checklist of things seniors should think about doing now.

    Senior dates (many more to come)


    28 -SAT Exam

    6 ACT Registration Deadline for Sept 11 EXAM



    11 ACT Exam 

    17 ACT Registration deadline for October 23 exam

    22 Financial Aid Night  Marion HS auditorium at 6:30.  



    2 SAT EXAM 

    13 PSAT at HS

    23 ACT EXAM

    5  FLCC Gemini Registration 7:30-9am  HS


    5 ACT Registration deadline for December 11 Exam

    6 SAT EXAM 



    4 SAT EXAM 

    11 ACT EXAM 



    7 ACT Registration Deadline for February 12 exam 



    12 ACT EXAM

    25  ACT Registration deadline for April 2 exam



    12 SAT Exam

    1 FLCC Gemini Registration  7:30-9 am HS



    2 ACT Exam



    6 ACT Registration Deadline for June 11 Exam 

    7 SAT EXAM 



    7 HS Senior Awards Ceremony 7pm HS Aud.

    11 ACT EXAM 

    22 Grad Rehearsal 8:30

    24 Graduation 7pm.