Physical Education


    PE Expectations 2019-2020

    1. Class/Locker Room Procedure:

    1.      Enter class and go into locker room through gymnasium only!

    2.     Open Assigned locker

    *      Each student has own lock and locker

    *      Only school locks are permitted on lockers

    *      Students are charged $7.00 for lost locks

    *      Use your locker only; do not share locker space, combination or PE clothes

    *      Always lock your locker during and after class

    3.     Change for class: Must change, cannot wear school clothes for PE

    *      Appropriate PE attire: gym shorts/sweat pants, t-shirt/sweat shirt, socks and sneakers (sneakers need to be tied tight)

    *      Inappropriate PE attire: jean shorts/pants, shorts/pants with a zipper, boxers, pajamas, short shorts, revealing shirts

    *      For your safety all jewelry needs to be taken off

    4.     Secure all personal belongings in locked locker or with teacher

    5.     Report to gymnasium for attendance

    6.     5 minute bell will ring towards end of the period and students will be dismissed to locker room to change

    7.      Exit locker room through gymnasium. Stay in gymnasium until passing bell rings!


    1. Grading Procedure:

    1.      Students may earn 3 points per class period (weight: 75% MP grade)


    2.     Students have 1 written test per marking period (weight: 25% MP grade)

    3.     Students absent from class receive a “0” for that day until class is made up

    4.     Students unprepared for class receive a “0” and may NOT make it up


    1. General Reminders:
      1. Be on time for class
      2. Cooperate with others
      3. Try each unit
      4. Athletes unprepared for PE may NOT participate in practice or games that day
      5. Athletes may NOT wear school issued uniforms in PE class
      6. Keep gymnasium/locker room/weight room clean: no food or drink, throw away garbage, clean shoes, keep clothes off floor
      7. Take clothes home often to wash and bring back for next class
      8. Locker Room is a public area, ALWAYS  secure belongings

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