From the Assistant Principal's Office.......

  •  Greetings from the Assistant Principal,

    We can all agree that 2020 has been a challenging year.  The school and the community have had to cope with unprecedented change. Rapid and significant change can result in stress and anxiety in both children and adults.  There are many ways to address these feelings.  At the Middle School, we encourage our students to seek out opportunities for exercise.  We are committed to playground, and our PE department provides multiple opportunities to engage in physical activity.  Exercise reduces the hormones that cause stress.

    Establishing a routine can also reduce feelings of anxiety.  While students are attending classes, encourage them to write down any assignment in a digital or paper planner. This will help your son or daughter maintain their organizational strategies.  At home, designate a quiet space for students to complete independent work.  Build in brain breaks so fatigue does not set in.

    Communication is also a key to relieving feelings of being overwhelmed.  At the Middle School, we have built in Social Emotional Support time for our students.  Students can check in with our counseling and support staff if they are struggling.  In addition, we have established time during the day, in which students can connect with a supportive adult.  Our community hybrid time in the morning is also a great way for the entire school community to connect.  Parents can also connect with a child’s teacher through email, Schoology message or a phone call.  The Middle School is here to support your student.

    As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email or call at (315) 589-9665.



    Kathryn Taylor
    Middle School Assistant Principal