From the Assistant Principal's Office.......

  •  Greetings from the Assistant Principal,



    The upcoming Holidays are almost upon us.  Throughout the year, the Williamson Middle School is making the transition to use less paper.   As we continue to make this transition, we will no longer be sending paper copies of interim and report cards home.  Parents can monitor their student’s progress through Schoology and Schooltool.  Schoology allows a parent to view their child’s grades throughout the quarter.  Parents will have access to each subject and check progress on a daily or weekly basis.  A Schooltool account will allow parents to view a student’s interim report and the report card.  Contact the District Office to sign up for a Schooltool account.  Your child’s main office secretary will help you sign up for a Schoology account.  By maintaining open communication and dialogue, parents can target their child’s progress.  It is our hope that this will enhance the school experience of all our students.

     If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email or call at (315) 589-9665.


    Kathryn Taylor
    Middle School Assistant Principal