Project 2017 and beyond....

  • Project 2017 and beyond....

    As the cost of college goes up and scholarships become more competitive, Williamson Central School is determined to help our students go beyond the high school level.  Williamson is a small rural district located in western New York on the shores of Lake Ontario.  Our school district has worked very hard to help our students reach the Regents level for graduation.  For the last two years, 88% and 91% of our students, respectively, have graduated with Regents diplomas. 

    This small district is now engaged in a ground breaking effort to promote our students and the future work force of New York State.  As all students must now meet the Regents requirements, we are determined to urge our students to even higher achievement.  We will provide a substantial scholarship toward their first year of college to every student who graduates with the Advanced Regents Degree. 

    To meet this goal, we as a community, must raise $ 9-10 million to endow this scholarship.  Our goal is the Class of 2017 as the first recipients.  If the money is raised before then, scholarships will be awarded as soon as economically possible.

    How do we raise such money?  We are sponsoring a concert series, a speaker series, and soliciting contributions from the community and others.  Grants, foundations, alumni, businesses, and private citizens will be urged to step forward in this endeavor.

    Our long-range goal is the success of our students.  We hope that experiencing education or training beyond high school will help our students grow and succeed in the world of tomorrow.



    Gregory Macaluso                                         Richard Jordan

    Superintendent of Schools                             Scholarship Project Chair

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