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    Volunteer Requirements       

    Please, if you plan on signing up to volunteer for the field trip or any other events this year- click the link below to download the district volunteer forms. Forms must be on file before you volunteer. 

    A new year and a new teacher!

    Welcome to Mrs. Maynard who is our new Grader 6 English teacher.


    New York State has adopted the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) in order to help children be prepared for the challenges of the future. It is true that many future jobs students will be applying for are not even in existence at this point in time. CCLS addresses a need for increased rigor, the importance of having strong literacy skills, expertise in a variety of forms of communication,  having the ability to dig deep within ourselves to accept a challenge and persevere, to use higher level thinking skills, and the list goes on and on. We understand that for students and families in the midst of this, new expectations are not easy to contend with.   

    We have entered a time when education is based on both learning and performing independently. Our report cards and grade books now reflect what a student can do independently, without adult help. It is our job to help your child learn to become an independent learner, to scaffold learning so that each student reaches their potential. We look forward to a great year. Working together as a team- everyone will grow, everyone will succeed, no one will be left behind!

    In addition, we are in the process of implementing a new system to improve communication with both students and parents. While we will still use Schooltool for our attendance procedures and report card generation, we will now use the platform Schoology for grading, assignments, and homework reporting. More information will be available as we ourselves learn how to use this program. You may address any questions about Schoology to the WMS administrative team.     


    If you look at the side bar you will see that each of us have a webpage loaded  with lots of useful information.  We try to update our site on a regular basis so that you can keep track of important information, events, projects, and homework. It is important to note that as we move into the upcoming year Schoology will begin to take over the role of our webpage for providing a place for all this information.  

    Sometimes homework and projects may be listed on a teacher's page and not listed under homework on the hwk link. Some teachers also have their own personal website.  So, that means it is important to check both places!

    Please be sure to check My Linksyou will find many of the topics studied in both Science and Social Studies- this is a great way to view vocabulary we will be learning about this year.

    cmcmahon@williamsoncentral.org  (Mrs. McMahon, Social Studies/Rdg)

    pdonahue@williamsoncentral.org (Mr. Donahue, Math)

    emaynard@williamsoncentral.org   (Mrs. Maynard, ELA/Rdg)

    bsteurrys@williamsoncentral.org (Mr. Steurrys, Science)