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    Capital Project Highlights


    While students and staff were away on Spring Break the halls at the high school were not quiet. Work on Phase II of our Capital Improvement Project began. While we are excited about the new pavement that Phase I brought Phase II will bring even more exciting updates, updates to learning, performing, playing, and gathering spaces that our community will enjoy for years to come.

    The Family and Consumer Science room at the middle school has been vacated and work will soon start to enlarge and remodel that space offering updated work spaces, appliances, and flexible learning spaces. The classrooms in the front wing of the high school will be updated with fresh walls, ceilings, and floors. The designs of the rooms will incorporate school colors and modern materials to provide an esthetically pleasing learning environment.

    The high school auditorium will have new seating and carpeting along with some fresh paint. This space is very important to our school culture and arts program. These updates will be beneficial on a daily basis.  The high school cafeteria is currently in an altered state with temporary walls providing a work space to separate construction from the dining area. When complete, the kitchen will have updated work space, a new dishwashing system, and new serving lines. The cafeteria will have a fresh new look complete with an outside dining area. The sports complex at the high school will be getting new bleachers donning school colors and a press box. Across the field, you will see new modern dugouts separated by a much needed storage area. The track will be resurfaced and a new scoreboard will be in place to report our Marauder wins.  

    While the highlights above are very exciting, the project also includes much needed updates to our infrastructure at all of our buildings. Improvements to our heating, plumbing, and electrical systems will go unnoticed by most people but will provide for greater comfort and efficiency. Thank you all for your support in improving our school facilities. We all look forward to enjoying these improvements with you as a community.  



    Greg Macaluso
    Superintendent, Williamson Central Schools

Greg Macaluso, Superintendent

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