• Message from the Superintendent, Marygrace Mazzullo:


    Take a minute to think about what you remember from your own K-12 school days: What are the first memories that pop into your head?  

    Whenever I engage with others about their memories of school, almost EVERYONE has at least one great memory that rises to the top (for me, it’s the Homecoming Hayride). It is also true that almost EVERYONE has at least one school memory that isn’t so happy (for me, when my third grade teacher dumped my desk out in front of the entire class because it was disorganized).  

    The primary and most important role of school is to provide students with opportunities to learn and grow in their academic knowledge, skills and abilities. But, the things we remember about school when we are adults generally have little to do with that essential role of schools, and more to do with the way we felt or were treated during our time in school.

    Traditions are important because they are intentional ways of creating memories and a sense of belonging. Along with providing a strong academic program, offering social and emotional learning and support, Williamson Schools work hard to create traditions and moments for students that will be good, life-long memories. Nary a senior graduates without recalling Big Pumpkin Day fun. Our Middle Schoolers feel so proud about the way they come together to provide a day that honors our veterans. High school students have spirit weeks, pep rallies, community service and senior trips that leave lasting impressions. 

    Above and beyond what we do to help students thrive academically and socially – we want to create special moments that we know will be remembered with joy. We look forward to continuing the wonderful traditions we already have in place and developing other moments in students’ school lives that are meaningful and memorable.  A positive connection to school is one key to success.  We know not every student has that, yet, but we sure are going to keep trying.  


    With Marauder Pride,
    Marygrace Mazzullo

Marygrace Mazzullo, Superintendent

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