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    The Williamson Central School District welcomes volunteers to our district to enrich learning opportunities for our students.  

    If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please see the link below for the Volunteer Information Packet which contains the application.  The application to be submitted to the District Office are pages 8-11.  All volunteers must be approved by the Williamson Board of Education. 
    PLEASE NOTE:  The criminal record check form (page 11) must be notarized and your driver's license scanned.  The district has a notary public available in the District Office for your convenience. 


    There are coaching requirements that must be met for certified teacher coaches, non-teacher coaches, and paid/non-paid assistant coaches.

    Non-teacher coaches and paid/non-paid assistant coaches must be certified through New York State by applying for a license. To review the requirements please click here. To apply for a license individuals need to do so through NYSED’s TEACH online system http://www.highered.nysed.gov/tcert/teach. Steps for setting up an online TEACH account can be found here. It is important to review and follow the instructions as outlined.

    Additional information can be found in the Coaching vs. Volunteering FAQs below and in the related files section by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the Coaching website page.  


    Does the State of New York recognize Volunteer Coaches?
    No. The state does not recognize/allow volunteer coaches. However, the state does recognize/allow unpaid Assistant Coaches who are certified.

    What is the difference between what a coach can do and what a volunteer can do and who needs certification?

    The difference between coaching and volunteering is direct athletic interaction with students.

    A volunteer can help at sporting events in indirect ways such as timing, recording stats, and videotaping and does not need to be certified.

    An assistant coach can work directly with students under the direction of the coach and does need to be certified.

    What do I need to do to become certified?
    This link will take you to a document that outlines the certification process. For questions, clarification, and training opportunities you can contact the following:

    Jim Newby, Athletic Director

    Andy Kritall

    Is there a cost associated with becoming a certified coach?
    Yes. Some of the courses as well as the fingerprinting will cost you money as well as an investment in time. Some of the courses are free. Costs are outlined on the link in the question above.

    Is this certification a Williamson Central School District rule or is it state law?
    It is
    New York State Education Law 40:1 - 40:7. The only additional district requirement is the Concussion Protocol Training.

    Can the district help me with the training?
    Yes. We will periodically provide the First Aid and CPR/AED trainings and can assist you in finding the other courses, most can be taken online.


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