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    Alma Mater

    Guardian of Time's oldest treasure our Alma Mater stands.
    The Lamp of Truth she raises in patient, tireless hands.
    Faithfully she tends the source-flame, with its steady beam so bright.
    Knowledge, wisdom, inspiration shining rays of truth's pure light.
    Toward the future's far horizons, her clear, keen gaze is bent.
    To those futures, o'er life's pathways her children are all sent.
    Hear her voice, "My sons, my daughters; take from me the Lamp of Truth.
    Hold it high in life's dark places; make it shine, O fearless youth."
    Williamson, our Alma Mater, fill our lives with Truth's own light
    Til each thought, word, deed, is worthy of our Red and White.
    Living lamps, may we go forward, joining other earnest youth
    Who have sought the best and found it; a processional of truth
    S. Pauline Bennett, 1930