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Welcome back to school, Williamson!

Tuesday, Sept. 6 marked the last day of summer break for our students, but our Williamson teachers and staff gathered at the High School for a day of celebration and excitement before the 2022-23 school year officially starts on Wednesday.

Superintendent Marygrace Mazzullo delivered a speech centered around the day's theme — Game Time — and used motivational quotes from some of history's greatest coaches to inspire every "player" on our Williamson team.

"We believe so strongly in the future of our students," Mrs. Mazzullo said. "You are doing the most important work in the world. Never diminish that. Each and every one of you is a coach. You coach our students to be the best they can be — and to be ready for the big game of life."

Both the newest hires and longest-serving employees were celebrated on Tuesday as well: Williamson's newest teachers and staff were introduced and presented with a corsage to wear for the day, and employees with 5, 10, 15, etc. years of service were applauded at the event. 

The District also cheered on some of its unsung heroes, too. The Williamson Board of Education honored Intervention Coordinator Karen Hoody and Courier and On-Call Groundskeeper Gary Vanderbrook with their "Grow Your Way" Awards, thanking them for going above and beyond in their service to the District and its students.

Most of our staff members participated in filming the annual "Welcome Back" video as well, which was creatively filmed to show a steady stream of teachers and staff flowing out of one of our school buses. You can watch the video here: