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"We've Been Cored!" How All Those Giant Apple Cores Started Appearing Around Williamson — And Why

You’ve probably noticed them by now — the larger-than-life apple cores that have started popping up all over Williamson, in front of the schools, post offices, businesses and restaurants. 


They’re made by an anonymous artist in the community, who goes by the clever moniker “Judy Appleseed.” 


The Williamson Central School District thought our staff, students and families would like to know a bit more about the apple cores… How are they made? How did they appear at our schools and around town? And just who is making them?!


Please enjoy this Q&A with Williamson’s very own “Judy Appleseed”:


Q: When did you start making the apple cores?

A: Well I first started carving the cores earlier this summer. Around mid June! I was actually trying to carve the body of an elephant at the time, and ended up gouging out far too much. So rather than ditching a perfectly good piece of sugar maple I decided to try making something else. Resulting into the first Yapple core which was placed by the old windmill. Or the Y-split by the boces school. But I knew I could make a better one! So I made another, which ended up at the bus garage! But after that I felt I could make another just so it wasn’t so congested in such a small part; of such a big town. So the third was set at whispering woods. And after that….. I just couldn’t stop haha.


Q: What’s your process for creating the apples?

A: I use a chainsaw to carve all different types of logs and then use a grinder with a sander blade to smooth everything out. After that I’ll use spray paint to make them any color desired. Then comes the off white acrylic paint for the core portion and sometimes seeds! After that, wait till the paint dries out and then seal it up! Normally with a spray-on sealer. Then comes time for them to find a home!!!


Q: How do you decide where to place the apple cores?

A: That’s really the tricky part sometimes! Picking a location at first was random but once it started to become “a thing” and the Moll family coined the phrase “cored,” I wanted to focus on businesses that seem to invest everything into improving the community. I quickly realized I couldn’t make enough cores for every business and family in this town! There's so many! And I felt bad that the small businesses I even frequent couldn’t get one! But the mystery has to remain! It made/makes it all worthwhile to me!


But to answer your question, choosing a location is now not up to me! I overthink it, so my team of “delivery mules'' now choose for me where they think they should be placed! Lately demand for them has grown so I nor my mules have not needed to pick where they go as much anymore.


Q: What can you tell us about yourself?

A: Well I’d rather not get into too many specifics about who I am. I will say I did grow up in Williamson, and am currently living in Williamson, but I’ve not always lived here. I don’t really have any background in art and only dabbled in wood-working in the past. I spent most of my time in Williamson, outside walking orchards and exploring the woods much like any other kid who’s grown up here. And while my name might not be Judy Appleseed, I assure you everything else I say is true! I guess I picked Judy Appleseed because her character reminds me a lot of Paul Bunyan of apple country. Lastly, I will say I graduated between the years of 2000-2010!