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Williamson welcomes Wayne Behavioral Health Network

Williamson Central School District is excited to announce our partnership with the Wayne Behavioral Health Network (WBHN).  Our district now houses a satellite office for Wayne Behavioral Health Network, with access in each of our three buildings.  Justin Emerling will be the therapist working in Williamson Schools on behalf of WBHN.  Justin actually completed his internship here while earning his degree in Social Work, so he is familiar with our district, which is an added benefit.


  • Many of the children in need of mental health treatment services may not otherwise have access to these services if it was not for the partnership between Williamson Schools and Wayne Behavioral Health Network (WBHN). A therapist from WBHN can now provide mental health therapy right at the school.


  • The Partnership between Williamson Schools and Wayne Behavioral Health Network provides a win-win collaboration. Children have easy, barrier-free access to mental health treatment and families don’t have to travel great distances to link their child to needed services.


  • Access to treatment is made as easy as possible by making a call directly to the intake coordinator at Wayne Behavioral Health Network at 315-946-5722 or by letting your child’s teacher or other school personnel know that you would like to link your child to WBHN mental health services at one of the Williamson schools.