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Operation Safe Stop: NYS initiative urges drivers to stop for school buses

April 28, 2022 is Operation Safe Stop, a NYS initiative focused on educating drivers about school bus safety.

Today, and every day, please stop for our school buses when their red lights are on.

An estimated 50,000 drivers in New York State illegally pass stopped school buses every day when they are loading or dropping off students, said Mr. Chuck O'Neil, Williamson's Director of Transportation. Penalties for illegally passing a stopped school bus range from a $250 fine with a first offense to a $1,000 fine, up to 180 days in jail and a revoked driver's license after the third offense, Mr. O'Neil said. 

"Keeping our children safe when they take our school buses to and from school each day is our top priority," said Mr. O'Neil, "And it's time we make it yours as well."