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2023 Alumni of Distinction Class visits with High School

Our inaugural Alumni of Distinction class visited with Williamson High School students on Friday, May 5th. They introduced themselves, talked about their careers and then answered questions that our students had for them. 

They offered advice to outgoing seniors in particular: be true to yourself, work hard at everything you do, always give your best effort and cherish the friendships you make in high school, because some of them will last you a lifetime. 

The three members of the inaugural class are Brian Manktelow '81, David Malgee '72, and Michael Orr '74. The Alumni of Distinction is a new Williamson tradition that recognizes Williamson graduates who have:

-achieved outstanding professional accomplishments
-contributed to the greater good of their community
-impacted lives positively in Williamson or elsewhere
-attained notable personal accomplishments

You can learn more about Alumni of Distinction at

Check out the Presentation Here!