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Volunteer at WCS

Ms. Shemirani and her students smile for a photo.

Reasons to volunteer at Williamson:

- Great students -

- Fun activities - 

- Support your local school community - 

Volunteer Application Packet

Volunteer Application

Please fill out this form to begin your volunteer application at Williamson Central School.


First Name
Last Name
Have you had previous volunteer experience?required
Please choose the grade levels you prefer:requiredPlease select up to 14 choices
Please select up to 14 choices
What type of volunteer service are you interested in?requiredPlease select up to 3 choices
Please select up to 3 choices
Have you been arrested, tried, or convicted of a crime in the last ten (10) years?required
A record of conviction will not necessarily disqualify an applicant.
Please list 3 people unrelated to you and include their NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and YEARS KNOWN.
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